About Us

Hi! My name is Ivan and I am an
 artist based in Edmonton, Alberta.

I’ve been nurturing my passion for dance and movement for the last 8 years now and today I am excited to bring you a concept that I am extremely excited about: (Afro) Groove With Ivan - A weekly social where you will get to move your body, dance, have fun, socialize and hopefully relieve yourself from the everyday stress we all experience. 

The goal with Groove With Ivan is to build safe spaces where everyone feels empowered to move and connect with their body and mind. Dance & music paired together have this wonderful ability to help us express and connect with ourselves in ways we can’t by just standing idle

Don’t come to these workshops because you want to learn the latest moves, come to these workshops because you want to learn the foundation of how to vibe, groove and be in sync with your body. Come because you want to learn or keep exploring your musicality while moving to our favorite genres of music such as Afrobeats, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Bachata & Afro House. 

I am excited to see you on the dancefloor, I am excited about seeing your smiles and the worry-free happiness in your face when you are truly feeling every inch of your body while listening to Dumebi. Our workshops are not about getting the right technique or the right move, our workshops are all about you.

À bientôt, 

Dance, Play and Socialize - Groove With Ivan