Groove with Ivan's mission is to help humanity thrive by stimulating music, and physical and mental activities. We will do this by enabling everyone to learn how to groove, dance, and be in tune with their body in the best possible learning environment where people feel safe and can explore their own creative potential even if they are new or not at an expert level. Groove With Ivan’s goal is to fulfill people’s need for rhythmical stimulation and promote healthier lifestyles through a more active and inclusive approach toward movement and fitness.

    Groove with Ivan's (Dance, Play, Socialize) mission is to equip everyone with the tools to relieve stress and enjoy themselves through dance &movement. Groove With Ivan's vision is a world where people have an understanding of their bodies, are connected in the community, and can move freely without fear or judgment.

    Our fundamental objective at Groove With Ivan is to help you feel more relaxed by providing resources & guidance that will help you better understand your body better as well as connect you in a sense of community. To put it simply, we're on this journey together—so let's do what moves us!

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